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Automation Testing Issues

With deadlines constantly looming, the pressure is on IT Operations staff to ensure that batch processing in Automic/UC4 Applications Manager (AM) is operating correctly and consistently between environments. Keeping Automic environments in sync is a constant issue that affects the promotion process in the following ways:

  • Testing is difficult since environments often have different job definitions
  • As new applications are implemented or modified, migration between environments is error-prone and often causes downstream issues
  • Batch processing issues in test can delay production implementations
  • Senior IT Operations personnel are often needed to troubleshoot time-consuming batch scheduling inconsistencies

Find Issues in Automic AM Environments

AccurSee for Automic Report

Proactively manage process flow differences between Automic Applications Manager environments
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Understanding the differences between Automic environments is difficult, time consuming, and error-prone. AccurSee provides a comparison of environments and delivers information that can eliminate errors and reduce troubleshooting time:

  • Process Flows that exist in only one of the compared environments
  • If the Process Flow exists in both environments, AccurSee reports on the following:
    • Difference in the number of Jobs in the Process Flow
    • Jobs that have different names
    • Jobs having different dependencies (e.g. predecessors, parallel/serial processing)
    • Jobs with different conditions
    • Jobs with different prompts

Benefits – Complement your Automic solution

AccurSee provides significant benefit to institutions:

  • Find differences in your test environment and improve the quality of your production applications
  • Learn daily whether changes made to Automic AM will affect your batch processing in test and production environments
  • Eliminate run-time errors, speeding up the automation development and testing phase
  • Reduce the amount of time IT Operations personnel spend troubleshooting job changes

AccurSee for DNA

Compare Automic AM with Fiserv DNA environments

AccurSee DNA/DNA

Compare Fiserv DNA environments