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Job failures testing DNA automation

During the normal course of software development, application integration issues are common and often the cause for project implementation delays. Batch processing in Broadcom AppWorx (formerly Applications Manager) and DNA can have inconsistencies after a new release of DNA, System Update (SU),  new SQT, etc. Changes to either product  can have a negative impact on institution testing and handling of upgrades:

  • Batch processing issues in test environments can delay implementation of new releases into production
  • As new DNA applications are implemented, IT Operations must include them in AppWorx
  • Senior IT Operations personnel are often needed to track and troubleshoot time-consuming (and avoidable) batch scheduling issues


Automatic Correction of AppWorx Jobs

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Proactively manage parameter differences between DNA applications and AppWorx jobs
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AccurSee for DNA can automatically correct mismatched parameters in AppWorx jobs ensuring that your parameter values are accurate.  You control whether corrections are made and the type of parameter mismatches that are corrected or just reported.


Benefits – Complement your current batch solution

AccurSee for DNA provides significant benefit to institutions:

  • Save testing time with automatic corrections of mismatched parameters
  • Find differences in your test environment and improve the quality of your production applications
  • Learn daily whether changes made to DNA or AppWorx will affect your batch processing in test and production environments
  • Eliminate run-time errors, speeding up the DNA development and testing phase
  • Reduce the amount of time IT Operations personnel spend troubleshooting DNA job changes


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