AccurSee Suite


The AccurSee Suite is comprised of three products:

  • AccurSee for DNA reports on differences between Fiserv DNA and Broadcom AppWorx environments and automatically updates parameters
  • AccurSee for AppWorx reports on differences between Broadcom AppWorx environments, such as production and test
  • AccurSee DNA to DNA reports on differences between Fiserv DNA environments

The AccurSee Suite provides valuable information to keep your critical applications in sync and batch operations running smoothly.

Automation Testing Issues

With deadlines constantly looming, the pressure is on IT Operations staff to ensure that batch processing is operating correctly and consistently between environments. Keeping environments in sync is a constant issue that affects the promotion process in the following ways:

  • Testing is difficult since environments often have different job definitions
  • As new applications are implemented or modified, migration between environments is error-prone and often causes downstream issues
  • Batch processing issues in test can delay production implementations
  • Senior IT Operations personnel are often needed to troubleshoot time-consuming batch scheduling inconsistencies

AccurSee for DNA

Compare AppWorx & Fiserv DNA environments

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AccurSee for AppWorx

Compare AppWorx environments

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AccurSee DNA/DNA

Compare Fiserv DNA environments

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