Address Management Suite for Fiserv DNA

Address Cleansing & Workflow Improvements

AscendoSoft Address Management Suite for Fiserv DNA is the leading address verification and cleansing solution for banks and credit unions using Fiserv DNA.  It can be used in real-time by service agents to verify addresses before they enter your marketing or client database and in batch to ensure accuracy, deliverability, and consistency of existing addresses.  Workflow extensions automatically flag undeliverable addresses, eliminating significant manual effort.

AscendoSoft Address Management Suite

Reduces undeliverable mail and eliminates costly manual address-related workflow steps
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Benefit is gained by:

  • reducing undeliverable mail
  • spending less time typing, more time on service
  • preventing fraud
  • retaining members and customers
  • improving the quality of marketing efforts

Real-Time Address Verification and Cleansing

Whether you are adding a new PERS or ORG or making changes in DNA screens, you can verify addresses in real-time while your customer or member is on the phone or at a branch.

CLEAN_Entry provides:

  • Reduced data entry time by minimizing key strokes
  • Minimized time spent with member or customer
  • Validated data ensures entered address is deliverable
  • Postage savings by reducing undeliverable mail

Batch Address Cleansing in DNA

Batch Address Cleansing can be used in batch to ensure accuracy, deliverability, and consistency of existing addresses. You can reduce undeliverable mail by regularly verifying and cleansing DNA addresses, catching undeliverable addresses before mail is sent and returned.  Addresses are verified against US, Canadian, or international postal data. Address Cleansing occurs directly in the database without extracting & reloading data.

With as few as 4% bad addresses, you can gain significant ROI and other benefits:

  • Save money by reducing undeliverable mail
  • Deliver sensitive mail such as credit and debit cards with confidence
  • Eliminate lost revenue from credit/debit cards, loan payments, etc.
  • Help ensure compliance with regulations and audits

Workflow Improvements

AscendoSoft provides you with workflow automation solutions in Fiserv DNA that eliminate manual effort and streamline address visibility, flagging, notification, and correction processes.  Workflow improvements help with both undeliverable addresses and changes of address.

Automated Address Management Solutions include:

  • Flagging of undeliverable accounts and changed addresses
  • “DoNotMail” in address for tellers and service agents
  • Warnings for tellers and service agents
  • Letter generation for members and customers who change their address
  • Address Intelligence to help speed correction and tracking

Change of Address (COA) Manager

Keep track of clients and contacts who move (44m Americans move every year) using the AscendoSoft Change of Address Manager. Addresses can be verified against the USPS or Canadian Change of Address Database. Attain postal savings by finding address changes and ensuring your database has the up-to-date address. Don’t lose track of your clients and contacts who move. Validate changes, protecting you against potential fraud.