AscendoSoft Auto-RC extends Broadcom AppWorx and Automic by allowing end users and administrators to remotely launch, manage, and control jobs and reports from a tablet or mobile phone, anywhere anytime. Save time on user management and speed business processes by removing job latency.  Auto-RC includes multiple levels of security and built-in templates make implementation quick and easy.


Empower End Users

  • End users need reports – Without interrupting operations and without involving IT client setup or training, end users can be given a template to run a job with a simple click and send from their mobile device.
  • Avoid Lag Time With Enhanced Workflow – A step in a business process flow often needs functional user review before subsequent steps should start. Instead of several phone calls and delays, the job can now be quickly reviewed and approved or rejected via a mobile device.


Ease Automation Administration

  • Eliminate End User Management – Minimize IT involvement by eliminating end user setup, configuration, management, and training
  • Remotely Manage Critical Jobs – An on-call administrator can quickly perform tasks from their mobile device, such as restart or kill a job.  This quickens response time because they can respond from anywhere, anytime.
  • Remotely Administer Batch Processing – An administrator can quickly check on the status of batch anytime by requesting backlog information, queue or agent summaries, etc.
Sample Email from Auto-RC

Sample Email from Auto-RC – Users can remotely manage jobs from anywhere

Sample Email from Auto-RC – Administrators can remotely manage their scheduling environment