Address Management Suite for Fiserv DNA

  • Address Verification & Cleansing – Real-Time and Batch Address verification & cleansing
  • Workflow Automation for Fiserv DNA – Automate address management workflow
  • Reporting – Generate address data reports
  • Change of Address Manager – Manage moves following institution policies

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AccurSee Suite

AccurSee tools provide valuable information to keep your critical applications in sync and batch operations running smoothly. Shorten your batch automation testing cycle and improve the quality of production automation.

  • Automation Comparison Analysis for AppWorx (formerly Applications Manager)
  • Proactively see differences between AppWorx and Fiserv DNA
  • Compare and manage differences between two Fiserv DNA batch environments

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Widgets for AppWorx

AscendoSoft offers Widgets for those common everyday tasks that can be difficult to automate or that you never quite find the time to focus on.  Automate common tasks that are not included in AppWorx (Applications Manager).

Solutions for:

  • WinZip (compress/decompress files)
  • SQL Server (such as Data Warehouse and CCM)
  • PGP (encrypt/decrypt files)
  • File Actions (move/copy/xcopy/rename/delete files, create/remove directories)
  • WinSCP (secure file transfer)
  • PowerShell (automate PowerShell scripts)

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AscendoSoft Auto-RC extends AppWorx and Automic by allowing end users and administrators to remotely launch, manage, and control jobs and reports from a tablet or mobile phone, anywhere anytime. Save time on user management and speed business processes by removing job latency.  Auto-RC includes multiple levels of security and built-in templates make implementation quick and easy.

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DigitalDrawer allows customers to scan, secure, store, organize, and easily retrieve documents.

  • Documents can be scanned directly into DigitalDrawer, or drag and drop documents directly from your computer
  • DigitalDrawer Capture allows easy batch scanning for large quantities of documents (often the case during initial setup)
  • Familiar Windows-based folder allow for easy organization of files according to your business requirements
  • Full-text document and key word searching allows users to easily find documents
  • Documents may be highlighted, notes can be added, and sensitive areas can be blacked-out

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Boyer Safety & Compliance Suite


Government safety regulations are often complex and can change frequently. If your business has been challenged to meet the requirements of your industry, consider using the Boyer Safety & Compliance Suite to access forms, employee safety handbooks, safety plans, self-inspection checklists, and training presentations. We offer hundreds of topical resources that address workplace health and safety, including COVID-19. Resources available in both English and Spanish.

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