Professional Services for Ellucian Banner

With significant Ellucian Banner experience, AscendoSoft is a leading provider of CA AppWorx (formerly Automic Applications Manager) and Automic Workload Automation professional services to Ellucian Banner Higher Education institutions.  We offer a wide range of consulting services that include quick short-term problem resolution to long-term strategic automation projects to training.

Alex Givens, who was the developer of the original interface between Banner and CA AppWorx, is one of the AscendoSoft co-founders and heads up our Professional Services Team.





Sample Customers


University of Georgia         George Washington University         


Professional Services for Ellucian Banner institutions with CA AppWorx or Automic

  • Initial installation, configuration, and training
  • Creation or improvement of batch automation (nightly, monthly, etc.)
  • Upgrade of systems to support new AppWorx and/or Banner updates
  • Health check of AppWorx implementation identifying potential improvements, best practices, etc.
  • Development of interfaces to non-Banner applications
  • Movement of environments or reconfiguration of Masters, Agents, or database repositories
  • Training classes tailored to your requirements

Sample Ellucian Banner-CA AppWorx/Automic consulting successes

  • Implemented and upgraded many CA AppWorx and Automic Workload Automation systems at universities and colleges
  • Automated file transfers, using HTTPSSS, SFTP, PGP, WinZip, etc.
  • Automated upload and download processing
  • Reduced batch processing time and improved maintainability after performing Health Checks
  • Performed many CA AppWorx training classes for institutions