Professional Services

AscendoSoft Professional Services (APS) helps you gain business value by providing you with automation solutions that are technical, but solve your real-world business issues. Our consultants all have over 20 years of experience in the industry with many successful customer engagements and long-term customer relationships.

AscendoSoft Professional Services


AscendoSoft Professional Services is your trusted advisor for:

  • Fiserv DNA/Automic Consulting and Support
  • Automic (UC4/AppWorx) consulting for Ellucian Banner, Ventyx, Oracle e-Business Suite, Retail, CC&B, etc.
  • Implementing and extending AscendoSoft products and solutions

Fiserv DNA/Automic Services

With over 40 Fiserv DNA customers, AscendoSoft is the leader in providing Automic services to Fiserv DNA institutions.  Our customers, include small, medium, and large banks and credit unions such as: Firemen’s First Credit Union,  Customers Bank, BECU, Spirit of Alaska Federal Credit Union, Beacon Credit Union, First Tech Federal Credit Union.  Alex Givens, developer of the original interface between DNA and Automic (TCCUS/TCBS and AppWorx back then), is one of the AscendoSoft co-founders.  In addition to sites that manage their own DNA databases, AscendoSoft has worked at many institutions that use ToolCASE to manage their environment.

Services for Banks and Credit Unions using Automic with Fiserv DNA:

  • New installation, configuration, and training
  • Creating or improving batch automation
  • Assistance with upgrades
  • Health check of Automic implementation for potential improvements, best practices, etc.
  • Setting up interfaces to non-core applications
  • Movement of environments or reconfiguration of Masters, Agents, or database repositories
  • Knowledge transfer sessions

Sample Fiserv DNA/Automic consulting successes:

  • Implemented and upgraded many Automic (UC4/AppWorx) systems at banks and credit unions
  • Converted several institutions from 5-day to 7-day processing
  • Automated manual file transfers, using HTTP, SFTP, PGP, WinZip, WinSCP, etc.
  • Automated FedLine Command upload and download processing
  • Reduced batch processing time and improved maintainability with Automic Health Checks

Automic Services

With extensive Automic (UC4/AppWorx) experience, our consultants can provide your organization with many automation solutions that will benefit your business. Our consulting team has strong experience with automating Fiserv DNA, Ellucian Banner, Oracle e-Business Suite, Retail, Utilities CC&B, among others.

Some projects that APS can provide a high level of Automic technical and business expertise, include the following:

  • Analysis and documentation of the current state of your automation environment
  • Recommendations of ways to improve operational efficiency
  • Installation, configuration, migrations, and upgrades
  • Application integration solutions (program types)
  • Knowledge transfer & formal training

AscendoSoft Products and Solutions

APS will ensure that our customers are successful with our software and solutions.

The services steps to achieve the above include:

  • Product installation, configuration, and testing
  • Training and knowledge transfer
  • Detailed documentation of engagements