Address Cleansing

“Using AscendoSoft Address Cleansing, we have been able to extensively lower the amount of returned mail and the manual processing that goes with it.  We have virtually eliminated customer complaints and improved our loan collections because our address quality has improved so much.  We were able to justify the AscendoSoft Address Cleansing solution with just 4% undeliverable addresses!  In the future, we hope to extend the solution to include handling of change of address and using the real-time verification in our customer service center.”

— Barb Finch
Canandaigua National Bank


Professional Services

“I would highly recommend using AscendoSoft Professional Services to automate processes throughout IT organizations.  Our experience was very successful and extremely educational.  AscendoSoft delivered on their commitments.  The work they did allowed our night- shift Systems Administrator to start work three hours earlier, eliminating the need to hire another person.  This is almost like having a new hire.  As you can imagine, his morale has dramatically improved since he is home earlier.  My IT staff can now focus on more technical issues.”

— Chris Condon,
Firefighter’s First Credit Union


Address Cleansing

“We  mailed our annual compliance notices recently.  In the past, we have had about 7,000 returned.  After implementing AscendoSoft’s Address Cleansing solution we reduced that to about 1,000, a reduction of about 85%!”


— Director
Northeast Community Bank


“The mission at Marvin’s Building Materials and Home Centers revolves around “making our customers lives easier”. As CIO at Marvin’s, my customers were the hometown folks who shopped in our stores, our vendor partners, and each and every associate working for the company. Making things easier for those associate customers was foremost on my mind when I started looking for a document imaging and electronic document filing system solution. We selected DigitalDrawer for it’s impressive range of function and ease of use. It is very intuitive and straightforward to configure and has flexible security settings to fine tune access to sensitive information as well as simple backup procedures for complete data security. I was able to quickly create multiple libraries with meaningful indexes to make searching a breeze and use a variety of marking tools such as highlights, notes, and redaction that can be hidden or displayed as needed even when printing and emailing. DigitalDrawer was popular with our associates because they could use it with very little training and were able to eliminate the hassle of their old labor intensive filing procedures. It wasn’t long before we started across all departmental areas.”

— Allison Hulcher
Marvin’s Building Materials and Home Centers