Widgets for AppWorx

AscendoSoft offers Widgets for those common everyday AppWorx (formerly Applications Manager) tasks that can be difficult to automate or that you never quite find the time to focus on.

  • It can be difficult to detect errors in scripts, which can cause delays in batch processing
  • Scripts can be difficult to maintain and keep current
  • Testing is difficult since environments often have different job definitions and hard-coded parameters

Each Widget:

  • installs quickly
  • is fully object-oriented
  • is fully parameterized to support all features
  • supports full error-checking

File Actions Widget

The File Actions Widget plugs into Applications Manager to automate common file & directory actions.  The job automates the following:

  • Move files
  • Copy files
  • Xcopy files
  • Rename files
  • Delete files
  • Create directories
  • Remove directories
AscendoSoft File Actions Widget 

WinZip Widget

The WinZip widget automates compression/decompression of WinZip files.  This is often a critical step in file transfer activities.

AscendoSoft WinZip Widget

PGP Widget

The PGP Widget automates file encryption/decryption – another process that is often critical to the file transfer process.

AscendoSoft PGP Widget

SQL Server Widget

The SQL Server Widget allows Application Manager to run scripts against SQL Server Databases.  This is critical in processes such as automating data warehouse loads and integrating CCM with Fiserv DNA. It executes Transact-SQL jobs.

AscendoSoft SQL Server Widget

WinSCP Widget

The WinSCP widget automates secure file transfer between a local and a remote computer. For secure transfers, WinSCP uses Secure Shell and supports the SCP protocol in addition to SFTP.

PowerShell Widget

The PowerShell widget automates PowerShell scripts in AppWorx

  • Support for named and positional parameters, and PowerShell switches, as prompts in AppWorx
  • Elevate to Administrator as necessary
  • Full error checking and logging
  • Support for separate report file in addition to other logs
  • Use AppWorx Login objects to supply credentials to scripts